AI, Native or Hybrid? Experts Reveal the Future of Mobile App Development

Have you felt the power of AI in your everyday lives yet? We here at MoveoApps sure have, and are blown away by it. To think that by 2025, AI will drive 95% of all customer interactions, and the customers won’t be able to differentiate bots from humans is incredible.

App creators could really strike gold with AI we thought, and so we decided to reach out to some prominent industry experts and see what they thought is the future of AI apps, and we’re sure their responses will open you up to a new world.

While we were at it, we also asked them the burning question – Native or Hybrid? What’s going to dominate app development in the future? Read on to know the answer to that too.

So here are the gems of wisdom our experts had to share with us about the two top trends that are going to rule app development in the coming years.

Serena Mastin

Bio: Serena Mastin is a President at Pulse Marketing. Connect with her on Linkedin Serenamastin

How AI will change the future of mobile apps?

I think the biggest thing with AI going forward will be tied to neural and deep belief networks. As they increase in efficiency and complexity they will allow different technologies and systems to improve themselves to levels beyond our capabilities.

Will native app development dominate over hybrid/cross platform technologies such as React Native, PhoneGap?

React has already begun to change the web and will continue to do so. I believe very strongly that it will affect mobile in the same way. It’s a complete paradigm shift towards more efficient, more logical apps. The continued modernization of JavaScript, the growing community around React and the learn once write everywhere capabilities will continue to propel React to being the dominant framework on both the web and mobile.

Vasile Tiplea

Bio: Vasile B. Tiplea is the CEO and the Director of Product and Design at Creative27. Connect with him on Linkedin creative27

How AI will change the future of mobile apps?

There is a shift we see happening, where AI technology is being integrated into home products, car manufactures, personal electronics and health based products among others. General electric just introduced a table lamp powered by Amazon’s Alexa AI. Ford is in the final testing phases of introducing AI featuring their proprietary SYNC platform that could talk with AI. Both BMW and Hyundai are doing the same. The most common middle hub that will help facilitate connection, extra features and updates to these products will be mobile apps. While AI is primarily voice controlled, the mechanics behind the voice is clever, cloud based engineering. With the introduction of Amazon Echo, one of the 1st powered AI with a digital display, I see a wave of new apps being taking shape, specifically to these types of platforms. Since Amazon was the 1st to put out an AI controlled speaker, at the core of its functionality, there are what Amazon calls “skills” which are individual apps extending Alexa’s functionality. We also see the introduction of bots ai, primarily into messaging systems and platforms like Facebook and Google’s Allo. I believe mobile apps have relied heavily on touch based interaction and this will slowly change. I believe we’ll see more and more smart apps taking shape where at the core there will be an AI to learn our habits, likes, dislikes and provide better suggestions and assisted help to effortlessly conduct and perform tasks.

Will native app development dominate over hybrid/cross platform technologies such as React Native, PhoneGap?

Short answer yes. Nowadays apps become more and more complex. We rely heavily on apps working and performing at their optimum performance to deliver the data we need to implement into our daily lives. Hybrid apps powered by technologies such as PhoneGap allow for limited data transfer and therefore functionality. With an immersion of mutli-media content being infused into apps across various industries and with the now ever-growing VR and AR based applications, I believe these technologies will slowly phase out or evolve to allow more flexibility.

Craig McLaughlin

Bio: Craig McLaughlin is the President and CEO of Extractable. Find him on Twitter @McLaughlinCraig

How AI will change the future of mobile apps?

AI will change all significant and complex experiences in the future. The ability to use data insights to programmatically predict a user need and generate experiences to address that need on the fly can’t be the future of apps and any other kind of UX.

BJ Cook

Bio: BJ Cook is the CEO of Digital Operative. Find him on Twitter @BJ

How AI will change the future of mobile apps?

Let’s start with the purpose of AI in the mobile app ecosystem. It’s all about transforming the customer experience at the end of the day. That will have a ripple effect as it really starts at the conception of the app itself. When designing the mobile app, it’s no longer enough to just think about a visual interface. Consumers will expect a hands-free, voice interface that is then visually represented on their mobile device powered by an underlying AI that is fully context-aware. These new “intelligent apps” are the future. These intelligent apps will be able to ingest data from anywhere and have their interface transformed and personalized on a one-to-one basis. So mobile app developer and designers need to think bigger and spend more time planning for the abundance of data and scenarios. It’s going to get more complicated before it gets easier. The possibilities of data are endless as well because a consumer can take their device anywhere, which means outside of the home (eg. Amazon Echo, Google Home), the device knows your location, behavioral patterns, shopping preferences; it will know when it’s time to put in that 3pm caffeine order to your favorite pour-over coffee shop across from the office. That context and level of personalization will only increase retention rates and bring consumers closer to the brand.

Kenneth Lopez

Bio: Martin Kenneth Lopez is the Managing Director at Tekton Labs. Find him on Twitter @bigbang2k

How AI will change the future of mobile apps?

Thanks that in the short time AI will be cheaper, more powerful and simple to use, will be a feature that all next generation of mobile apps need to have (will be a must) if you want to continue to be relevant with your customers. One of the main application of AI I consider will be the key is personalization, if your app not provide some sense of learning about my preferences and provide automatic answers base on that, the app will be displaced for another that can provide that, just to mention some examples where AI will be a key, the same to create new way to interface with the app, like natural language processing, speech recognition, etc.

Will native app development dominate over hybrid/cross platform technologies such as React Native, PhoneGap?

Hybrid/Cross platform development is increasing their popularity in the industry in some scenarios, mainly to prototype or test ideas in a cheaper and fast way, however the promise that write ones and works everyone is hard to accomplish (if you don’t believe me, ask Java), other common alternatives for Hybrid systems apply for “basic” business scenarios where CRUD features or forms are the centers of the solution, but out of that you will continue have native Apps for more robust, using state of the art features that really take advantage of the mobile devices.

The things we can do with AI is definitely going to turn the world of apps on its head. Increasingly intelligent apps that can gather dynamic data and use it to predict human behavior and proactively offer life changing solutions, just via an app on our smartphones is surely a mindblowing prospect. We for sure cannot wait to try it out. Are you feeling equally charged up?

Our experts also shined a new light on the Native vs. Hybrid debate and unraveled some important aspects of the dynamic. Surely Hybrid technology will do wonders at making apps affordable to every businesses, but Native will remain the reigning champion of the long game.

What do you think? Share your views with us in the comments and if you aren’t sure, get in touch with us. We will carefully study your requirements and determine the best solution for your business.

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