There was a two-fold objective behind the founding of Moveo. We wanted to build a topnotch mobile app development company and secondly, create amazing mobile applications that are game-changing in scope and scale. We are well on our way to achieving both these objectives. Moveo believes mobile apps are disruptive pieces of technology that have the capacity to make your business more profitable. We see apps as growth accelerators that help leverage hidden business potential to generate more revenue and increase profits.

We See Mobile Apps as a Huge
Opportunity to Add Value to Client Businesses


Moveo encourages its team of developers and designers to constantly learn, explore and innovate. They use their knowledge of the latest tools, technologies & trends to build secure and advanced apps that yield best results.


Our cross-category expertise and extensive experience allows us to craft impeccable solutions for dissimilar brands & businesses. This helps us bring your project to life be it fully functional mobile or web apps.


Moveo is helmed by tech geeks who have the innate ability to differentiate between the ordinary and the extraordinary. We push our creative limits & come up with out-of-the-box solutions that resonate with the users.


With Moveo, you are partnering with a company that is as excited about developing your app as you are. For us, app development is like a journey from ‘darkness to light’ ; each client project is taken to its ideal conclusion through a process that is analytical, deliberate, time-bound and quality driven. At each step of the development process, we have an eye on the performance, scalability and security of the app, which helps us create an app that delivers significant returns on investment.

Moveo ensures every pixel that is a part of app design and each line of code that defines app functionality is money well-spent for our clients.